Housing Agent Handover

We help housing agents or home owners do all the necessary servicing of the property before handling over to the new owner or the tenants.

All services include Plumbing, Electrical works, Painting and cleaning of the property. So you have a peace of mind and let you have a smooth handling over.

Plumbing Services
We provide a full range of plumbing service. A licensed plumbing company, we provide quality repair backed by a receipt and warranty after the repair work is done by our plumber. Available Island wide, 24/7 our plumbers are equipped to conduct repairs in both residential areas (HDB, Condos or..
Painting Services
Spending too much time painting just ONE room? Gettinguneven finishesfrom DIY projects? Contractors not able to complete work stories? Erase such problems and more with Mi Two Painting Service! Have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing the job wa..
Islandwide Services
We are on call island wide, to where ever our customers call us to. We do home and industrial service call. 24 hours to main island, Jurong island, Sentosa Coves too. We are available for emergency service during public and major holidays. ..